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About Us

Romano’s is a family business. We take great pride in every jar of Romano's Pasta Sauce we make. Our recipes originated long ago in Northern Italy and have been handed down from one generation to the next.


The first generation of our family to come to the USA from Italy was Carmine, and his wife, Maria, in 1929.  At the left is a picture of Carmine as a young man in his 1929 passport photo, and of Maria, from approximately the same year. 


Upon entering the US, Carmine and Maria went through Ellis Island, as many immigrants did, and eventually settled in Detroit, MI.  Carmine initially opened a bar and restaurant, but later went to work for Ford Motor Company as a crane operator.  Maria worked at Sander's Ice Cream, a landmark Detroit business that is still around today.






Today, we've captured those same great flavors for you to enjoy too. We think Maria would be proud to know that our sauces are still prepared the same way she did - using only the finest ingredients and letting them simmer in small batches for hours. 





Carmine and Maria started a family, and today many of the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren still live in Southeastern Michigan.  For many of us, a favorite childhood memory is of Maria preparing an Italian feast for friends and family to enjoy, as she did every Sunday without fail.  Pasta sauce was her specialty.  She would combine fresh tomatoes, herbs, garlic and spices and let the sauce simmer for hours.  A wonderful aroma filled the entire house and everyone eagerly anticipated the fantastic meal that was to come!  At the right is a picture of Maria (standing) and her sister Viola (seated).


We use Maria's methods to produce Romano's Pasta Sauce in a state of the art facility shown above and at right.  The cooking and manufacturing processes are carefully monitored to ensure that every jar produced meets strict quality control standards.  Our goal is to produce a product that our family can serve with pride to your family.  Please try all our delicious varieties of Romano's Pasta Sauce.  We hope that you will enjoy the quality and authentic flavors as much as we do!






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